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Our Approach

artist bio

George Perkins is a self-taught artist who was born and raised in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. He lives there still with his wife, three teenage sons, one daughter (tween, going on 35), a princess pit bull and an anxious white boxer.

While painting with oils and acrylics is his primary focus, he also enjoys sculpture and woodwork. He frames his paintings with reclaimed wood, often burned or stained. George is inspired by further exploring creative ways to combine his passions through new endeavors and collaborations.


Our Story

artist statement

I paint what my eye finds beauty in: sometimes there is beauty in the torture of life.
I find the tenderness in the pain of a broken heart and in the anticipation of tasting a full glass of whiskey.
Beauty brings with it color and memory: snapshots of passing time.
When I look around at the world, I realize that everything was someone’s passion, someone’s art; we take joy in what others create.
Since I have made art my life’s work, I have found more pleasure in a normal day.
I can’t wait to start my next project...and then again, and then again…

Whiskey #5